Cheap Eats in Bruges

I love Bruges, this idyllic town captivates me, but with hostels an average of €18 a night and meals ranging from €7-25 it’s not the cheapest city to spend your time in.

Imagine my delight when stumbling upon Brasserie Medard; an inconspicuous, hole in the wall, family run type of joint that’s full of locals and cheap eats! I arrived maybe 40 minutes before closing time and was greeted by a young man. Despite all tables having a reserved sign on them, he sat me down and handed me a menu. The atmosphere seemed fairly nonchalant and homey, with a group of older locals chatting together while occasionally yelling into the kitchen to chat with the chef as well; clearly they were regulars and everyone knew each other, which reinforced my belief that this place was a good decision.


It’s a little bit difficult to order as the menu is only partially translated into English and the server couldn’t speak English, but I managed quite well anyway. 🙂 I ordered a glass of red wine and a small spaghetti from the snack menu. I don’t know if snack 20161017_193237translates the same from English to Dutch, but if that was their idea of a snack sized spaghetti portion then they have serving sizes big enough to rival America. The spaghetti rang in at only €4 and the glass of wine just €2.50. While tucking into my super sized meal one of the women from the table next to me asked me something in Dutch, and after seeing my blank face she repeated, “delicious?” I smiled and nodded enthusiastically, making her laugh. She even made a point to say goodbye to me before she left (she may have been a couple glasses of wine in by that point but she was still lovely).

I wandered home having made barely a dent in my wallet and stomach close to bursting, not even tempted by the sweet aroma of fresh waffles drifting through the air.


Quick facts:

Located just off Grote Markt on Sint-Amandsstraat (maybe 30 meters down the road from the square).

Snack menu certainly delivers…”small” saucy, cheesy, spaghetti is €4 and is more than enough

Do not expect much English

NOTE: After looking up reviews of Brasserie Medard, I was startled by the reviews on trip advisor and feel like I must include a bit of a warning. I may have just been lucky as I was seated served without a problem, but apparently this might not be a very tourist friendly place. Many people complain that the owner is a very rude man who has a strong dislike of anyone who isn’t Belgian and they were often denied service and essentially pushed out the door. I did not see the owner while I was there, just a woman in the kitchen and I assume her son or other family member serving. I had a pleasant experience, but I suppose if you do find yourself in Bruges and craving some spaghetti, proceed at your own risk… and good luck!



My Thoughts on Mainstream Music

Welcome back to the 30 Topic Blog Challenge! As you have probably figured out if you read my blog, my follow through on things is horrendous. I start these projects thinking yes. I can do this. I totally have time! This will be awesome. and then life gets in the way and I realize I am obviously not a professional blogger and no I can’t do it and suddenly my 30 topics in 30 days becomes just….a topic once in a blue moon. BUT I am actually ahead of the game here at work for once and everything is finished and I have free time and I have the motivation and I want to listen to music so let’s do this!
My thoughts on mainstream music.

I am most certainly not up to date on popular mainstream music so after some extensive research I found out which songs are killin it in America right now. I decided to listen to the top 20 and provide brief commentary.

  1. The Hills- The Weeknd: What. America how is this the number one song what’s wrong with you? His hair looks stupid.
  2. What Do You Mean?- Justin Beiber: What do you mean this is number two?! First of all his hair makes me want to puke. Why do boys all have weird hair now? And secondly this song sounds kinda…autotuned and….lame. I guess if you listen to it a few times it could be alright maybe. But don’t ever watch the video because just don’t. It’s stupid.
  3. Can’t Feel My Face- The Weeknd; This guy again? Ok this song is pretty catchy. I don’t know why he can’t feel his face but I kinda like it.
  4. Hotline Bling- Drake: There’s no words….? Oh no wait wrong link. Yeahnope I hate it. He just sounds all whiney because he left town and this girl has clearly moved on and his ego can’t handle it. Next.
  5. Watch Me- Silento: At first I thought noooope I like it a little. It’s fun. It’s like that song Happy-you can listen for maybe half the song and then its like nope I’m done that enough.  
  6. 679- Fetty Wap ft Remy Boyz: I don’t not like it…I don’t get why it’s in the top 20.
  7. Locked Away- R. City ft Adam Levine: Yaaaaaassssss! I love this one so much so far it should be #1 on this stupid list.
  8. Good For You- Selena Gomez: I kind of like her voice but that baby face…I can’t listen to it and watch the video I feel like I’m watching someone’s little sister trying to act too sexy for her age and it makes me feel weird.
  9. Cheerleader- OMI: Eh..yeah? Nah? I dunno…it’s pretty slow it’s not really a dancing song but almost? I don’t know how I feel about this one.
  10. Wildest Dreams- Taylor Swift: I….I like it.

General overall feelings? Not into it. You guys….come on we can do better than this! Most songs these days just feel shallow and usually derogatory. Don’t get me wrong if I’m out drinking in a club and a remix of this type of music comes on I’ll still dance to it because alcohol and a dance floor. However, in general I don’t think I’m really a fan of what’s hot right now.

**UPDATE: I just noticed that at the beginning of the post I said the top 20 and yet I only did the top 10. I proved my own point in this very blog post! Unbelievable. That’s actually a little embarrassing.